Choosing A Modular Standard

Once I’d decided I’d like to have a go at building some modules the next step was to decide which modular standard I would use.

After many hours reading the different standards it became apparent that many focused on putting as many tracks as possible onto relatively small boards with tight curves to maximize the available space. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but I already knew I wanted to create modules that were as realistic as possible.

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Welcome To My Blog

I thought I better get on and make my first post and explain what I hope to achieve on these pages.

I’ve actually been thinking about building a model railway for many years. During this time I developed an interest in prototypes in both North America and Europe, amassed a sizeable collection of models from both locations and so could never settle on a particular country or location to model. Then I found out about modular layouts and that seemed to be the answer I was looking for as I wouldn’t be forced to commit to a particular country or location in the limited space I had available.

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