Modelable Intermodal Terminals #7: Vlaardingen Terminals, The Netherlands

While browsing through the Tank Car Trains album on Flickr I was intrigued by a picture of a Captrain locomotive pulling a string of tank cars through an industrial area in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands. After a bit of searching in Google Streetview I was able to figure out roughly where the photo was taken:

I can’t include the original image as it’s copyright but if you click the link above and take a look you’ll see the similarities. If we stand on the street called Vulcaanweg; the buildings on the left match the original photograph, the only difference is that the photographer must have been standing on the grassy bank between the two sets of tracks on the right.

Now this view wasn’t the most intriguing part. If you turn 180 degrees and ‘travel’ down Vulcaanweg a short distance things get even more interesting.

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This might seem like a bit of a strange topic for a model train blog but it’s something that I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about on various model making forums over the years and it’s something I’ve struggled with in my own endeavours both inside and outside the hobby.

Now if you’ve never had a problem with procrastination you might be mystified by this because hobbies are meant to be fun and relaxing; the things we want to do or that help us unwind after spending time doing other things we don’t like doing so much. Afterwards you look at what you’ve created, bask in the results and are spurred on to do more.

Unfortunately, if you’re a procrastinator, while your head is probably full of lots of goals and ideas for some reason you can’t get motivated to take the first step and then if you do, you find you get easily side-tracked and never seem to finish anything. Invariably get angry at yourself for this lack of progress and then very soon you find your hobby isn’t the wonderful retreat that everyone imagines it should be. Even more unfortunate is when procrastination occurs in other parts of your life too…

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Website Update

I know I haven’t made a post for a while but that’s partly because I’ve actually been busy making models, creating new (and revising old) CAD models, putting together artwork for decals and etches, having them printed/etched and developing some new techniques to over-come some of the problems I identified in this post back in 2019.

By the way, wow, that post was made in March 2019; a year, doesn’t it go by in a blink?

Anyway, I’m going to write some posts detailing some of this exciting stuff over the next couple of weeks/months so don’t give up on checking the site for updates just yet.

Grain Silos & Feed Mills In Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

The town of Mount Joy in Pennsylvania, USA has been on my must research list ever since I found this photograph of the Wenger Feed Mill:

Wenger Feed Mill by Jim Epler – Own work, CC BY 2.0, View Image

You might think that’s strange because a closer look at the picture reveals there isn’t actually any track in the picture. While that observation is true, it’s still a very interesting and attractive jumble of buildings which would make a very nice scratch-building or kit-bashing project.

I don’t have a photo to show it but the facility is still rail served, it’s just that railcars are currently loaded/unloaded on the other (north) side of the facility. However there’s no reason why we couldn’t apply a little modellers license, add some track and create the option to model tracks on both sides of the facility.

There’s also something else not visible in the photo above that makes this location somewhat rare and interesting, at least in terms of US operations…

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I’m Back

Time flies, you take a break for a week or two and before you know it a couple of months have passed and you haven’t made a post.

I haven’t been completely away from the hobby though, just engrossed in some new 3D printing projects. I hope to do an update on those soon.

In the meantime, I’ve put up new posts about an interesting lifting bridge across the Savannah river in Georgia, USA and another about rail served feed mills in the town of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, USA.

I’ll be back to regularly posting again soon.

Still here…

I’ve recently moved house and as you might expect I haven’t had time to make any posts with everything else that’s been going on.

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months. In any case I’ve recently made some time to do some experimenting and writing so I’ve got some new posts in the pipeline and I’ll be back to regularly updating the blog very soon.


Welcome To My Blog

I thought I better get on and make my first post and explain what I hope to achieve on these pages.

I’ve actually been thinking about building a model railway for many years. During this time I developed an interest in prototypes in both North America and Europe, amassed a sizeable collection of models from both locations and so could never settle on a particular country or location to model. Then I found out about modular layouts and that seemed to be the answer I was looking for as I wouldn’t be forced to commit to a particular country or location in the limited space I had available.

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