Annacis Island Industries #3 (Western Transloading Corporation)

I remember when I started getting interested in North American N gauge I used to see adverts for the North American Railcar Corporation Hawker Siddeley cylindrical hopper wagons everywhere… and I remember really wanting a rake or two.

CP 608386 Cylindrical Hopper Car by Pete Hughes – Own work,
All rights reserved by creator – Used with permission.

They’re beautiful looking models and just like the real wagons they are produced in a range of colourful liveries. You can see the range on the Pacific Western Rail Systems website by clicking this link.

So you might wonder why I’m mentioning these models in a post about Annacis Island industries?

The answer is, if I’m going to justify purchasing a couple of these cars for my Annacis Island modules, I’m going to need somewhere for them to deliver their cargo and that’s where the Western Transloading Corporation (WTC) comes in.

WTC is in the business of re-packing crops for the export market. You can see an overview of their services on their website here. Goods for re-packing or transloading arrive in hoppers, boxcars or even containers (but unfortunately I don’t think the containers ever arrive by rail).

RMWeb forum member pH has posted a very detailed description of some of the WTC operations over on RMWeb, which is well worth a read if you’d like to find out more.

The WTC site is just down the tracks from SSAB Hardox, the subject of one of my earlier posts:

View Larger Map

It’s a nice compact site but it is still a little larger than one of my standard modules. The red line represents the boundary of the site and the blue rectangle is a module.

The fact you can’t fit the whole site onto a single module isn’t a serious problem though as the area you’d have to leave out is mostly a parking area for stacks of containers. You could easily omit these without loosing any operational potential. Stacks of containers also make a great backdrop, so that would be an option if you wanted to turn the site into a cameo rather than a module.

All that you’d need to add the final touches to a WTC module would be an N scale trackmobile like this (could it be made operational?) and a car winch both of which could be nice little scratchbuilding projects!

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