Building On My Gatorboard T-Trak Module

Wow, doesn’t time fly?

Back in January I wrote a post about how I built a light-weight and relatively cheap T-Trak module using Gatorboard. Since then almost three months have passed but in that time I’ve finally decided what to model and have actually made a start.

So what did I chose to build on my first module?

After weeks of deliberation, trying to decide whether to create a river bridge, a US rail-served industrial building, a city scene or a road bridge, I can now announce the winning idea is a Berlin Stadtbahn scene.

More specifically, I’ve chosen to model a view down Universitätsstraße:

It’s going to be quite a project but I like to throw myself in the deep-end. Plus I’ve always wanted to create a European city scene having been inspired by the Cross Street layout of David Lund, the exhibition layout Schwungischerplatz and the scratch-built card and plastic building models of Grahame on RMWeb.

I have to admit it won’t be a prototypical model as I’ll be taking some liberties with the buildings in the scene. The coffee shop on the right is staying but I’ve found another building I want to put in the foreground on the left and also on either side of the road behind the tracks.

Here’s a map of the scene, Universitätsstraße is on the right:

I’ve transferred a rough plan to the surface of the Gatorboard and can confirm everything I want to include fits on the module.

I’m currently creating scale drawings of the buildings before I start cutting and assembling.

Watch this space for progress reports and photographs… You can also follow this link to see all posts about my Universitätsstrasse module.

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