Inspirational Modelling #2 (Adam Savage)

I’ll admit that I often get so focused on making super-accurate, perfectly-finished models that after starting a project I get paralysed and end up not finishing or even worse, I won’t even start a project at all.

Whether you suffer from what I call ‘model-makers paralysis’ or not the YouTube videos and forum threads I’ll be highlighting in this post are definitely worth taking a look at as they are full of useful tips and inspirational modelling…

Adam Savage’s Tested

First up is Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel. As the name suggests it’s the work of Adam Savage, an American model maker and special effects designer famous in the US at least, for his role in the MythBusters TV series. If you love model-making and engineering then you’ll love Adam’s channel, it features everything from making cast movie props, to costumes, robots, machines and of course scale-models.

The video I wanted to call particular attention to is this one about scratch-building and kit-bashing a scale-model of a spaceship from styrene. Adam’s enthusiasm is infectious and he shares some great tips for working with styrene. The work isn’t always precise (he cuts freehand!) but the end result is amazing and he has given me some real food for thought: a model doesn’t need to always be 100% accurate and dimensionally perfect to be effective and I need to stop worrying so much and just enjoy the process.

It strikes me that it’s much more rewarding, at least when you are starting-out, to end-up with a convincing model of a prototype quickly then it is to spend months pouring over a model that is 100% accurate. The accuracy can come later when you’ve developed your skill set. This is particularly relevant if you’re creating small cameos or keeping everything modular, detachable or removable, that way there is no reason why you can’t come back later and drop in an improved module or model later if you want to when your skills improve.

This kind of leads into a forum thread that I’ve been following for a while now over on the RMWeb community called Scratch-built card and styrene structures (based on real buildings).

Scratchbuilding Card & Styrene Structures

I’m sure the author of the thread (Grahame) won’t mind me saying this but his work is very much trying to capture the feel of a part of London rather than being 100% accurate geographically or dimensionally. Oh and if I haven’t already said it, his work is absolutely fantastic.

Graham works so quickly that at times it makes my head spin and it has got me wondering if he shares a similar approach to Adam Savage.

Anyway, if you want to be inspired you can check out his thread here, brace yourself, there is excellent modelling on show from post one.

Until next time…

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