Inspirational Modelling #3 (Boulder Creek Railroad)

Luke Towan & Boulder Creek Railroad

Over the last couple of months I’ve presented a lot of locations that could be recreated as modules but I haven’t done a lot of module building myself.

I’ve started a Stadtbahn module on a Gatorboard T-Trak baseboard but it’s still very early days. So I thought it might be useful to show just what can be achieved in a small space by highlighting the amazing dioramas of Luke Towan…

Luke Towan is an Australian model maker and builder of highly-detailed, realistic dioramas and cameos. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled across his work on YouTube but I’m glad I did.

Both his YouTube channel and his website, called Boulder Creek Railroad, are a treasure trove of tutorials and advice that I’m sure you’ll find inspirational.

He doesn’t generally model in N scale but most of the techniques he features are transferable to N scale scenes and cameos fairly easily.

If that’s not enough Luke’s also got a video tutorial on building a DIY paint shaker, how cool is that?

So set aside some time and follow those links above, I promise it’ll be worth it…

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