Interesting Idea For A Module #12 (Beijing South)

Chinese High Speed Trains

In my last couple of posts I’ve been talking a lot about modules that use the ‘half-station’ approach to model a big station in a small space.

So far I’ve only looked at examples in Europe so here’s a picture of a Chinese station scene that caught my eye:

High-Speed Trains At The Gate by Scott Meltzer – Own Work, CC0 1.0, View Image

I love this line-up of Chinese high-speed trains. I don’t know a lot about Chinese rolling stock but many of the units in that picture look distinctly Japanese in origin/design.

Read on for more pictures…

Unfortunately, open source images like the ones featured in this post aren’t always tagged very well, so despite finding four examples that appear to be taken in the same place I’m unsure if I’m correct when I say I think they show trains in Beijing South railway station.

Anyway here’s a shot of the amazing station roof that is just visible at the top of the first picture above.

Image by F119, Pixabay License from Pixabay

Check out this satellite view of Beijing South station. It’s definitely not a scratchbuilding project for the faint-hearted!

In the background of the picture below we can see some structures that would be useful as scenic breaks if you wanted to create a Chinese station scene in a small space using the ‘half-station’ approach.

Image by PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay License from Pixabay

Finally I love this picture of a train nestled between the more utilitarian elements of the station building. Again, perfect for framing a more unusual station scene on a small module.

Image by Andy Leung, Pixabay License from Pixabay

If you want to find out more about the ‘half-station’ approach that I’ve mentioned in this post then take a look at this post about Wolfsburg Hbf in Germany.

I’ll endeavour to find out more about Chinese railways, particularly where these photographs were taken; if you can confirm the location of the shots then please leave me a message below. Thanks.

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