Interesting Idea For A Module #5

Pite Älv Bridge, Inlandsbanen, Sweden

This picture caught my eye because it looks like the kind of railway operation you rarely see nowadays: a short passenger train, in a remote location and a shared rail/road bridge in Europe!

Inland Bridge by Gunvald – Own work, CC0, View Image

The bridge on it’s own would be an interesting scratchbuild but you’d probably have to scratchbuild or 3D print the rolling stock too if you wanted to recreate this scene in N scale…

From what I’ve been able to find out online, the bridge in the picture is the Pite Älv bridge. It’s about 12km to the north of a Swedish town called Moskosel. The railway line itself is known as the Inlandsbanan and although Wikipedia says otherwise it looks like the Inlandsbanen runs from a city in the south of Sweden called Mora, all the way up the middle of the country to Gällivare in the Arctic Circle.

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The further north you get the more sparsely populated the areas around the line are and it reminds me very much of old Canadian passenger railroading both in terms of scenery and operations. There are pictures of wooden decks next to the Inlandsbanan tracks, seemingly in the middle of the woods, where passengers can flag-down a passing train and being something of a hit with tourists they also schedule special trains for fishing trips. Brilliant!

Inlandsbanan 2014 by Jamten72 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, View Image

It’s the ideal landscape and railway for large scenic modules with long diesel-hauled resource trains framed by mountains and short colourful passenger cars darting between stands of trees.

Back to that bridge for a moment. Interestingly there are quite a number of shared road/rail bridges in Sweden; and the Swedish bridges on that list are a part of a longer list of road/rail bridges from all over the World.

Seeing this bridge also reminded me of a bridge in Scotland that I’d been reading about recently called the Connel Bridge. You can find out more on Wikipedia.

Sadly, the Connel Bridge no longer carries railway traffic but if you’re interested in modelling UK steam railways and want something a little unusual the Connel Bridge might be perfect. 

Having done some research on the Inlandsbanan and seeing how beautiful it is, I’ll definitely be covering it in future posts.

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