Interesting Idea For A Module #6 (Chemical Plant)

Industrial Siding In Germany

Here’s a photo of an interesting little industrial scene in Germany.

Photo by Michael Gaida – Own work, Pixabay License, View Image

If you want to see a higher-resolution version click the View Image link above.

This photo caught my eye because it’s very reminiscent of a slightly neglected industrial spur in the United States…

So let’s take a closer look:

The spherical tank would be an interesting scratch-building project and putting together and weathering an assortment of chemical storage tanks would be fun.

The facility must be quite large as it looks like it has it’s own shunting locomotive.

If electronics are your thing you could even make both gates operational and lay a road system so lorries can also make deliveries.

All in all it’d make a great little module and it’s amazing the ideas you can get if you take the time to really study a photograph like this.

Unfortunately, I know very little about the location except that it might be in Dusseldorf, Germany where the photographer Micheal Gaida is based.

If I ever track it down I’ll definitely update the post.

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