Interesting Idea For A Module #7 (Line 24, Belgium)

Road/Rail Bridge In Belgium

Following on from my recent post about the Remersdaal viaduct and Line 24 in Belgium, I thought I’d do a quick post about this nearby road/rail bridge:

Remersdaal – Spoorwegbrug by Frans90245 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, View Image

All things considered it’s fairly ordinary road/rail bridge but it’s a perfect scene to recreate as a T-Trak module…

I’ve probably written it a thousand times already but T-Trak modules are perfect for compact, self-contained scenes like this. The trees in this view would act as scenic breaks with trains darting between scenery just as we often see them in real-life.

I think a scene like this looks best presented at eye-level so you can look into ‘the distance’ under the bridge. I’ve seen layouts that have created this effect at exhibitions and I find them particularly captivating because I can relate to that viewpoint. Whereas looking down on a scene is something we rarely get to do in real-life.

Not only is this scene perfectly framed it’d also be a great little T-Trak project as it would give you the chance to practice/learn a variety of modelling techniques:

  • The grass either side of the road and alongside the tracks (visible through the fencing on the bridge) would look particularly effective recreated with static grass.
  • The trees would play a major part in this scene so would probably benefit from being scratchbuilt.
  • The bridge is a rather plain concrete structure so is a fairly straight-forward scratchbuild but accurately recreating the variable colour of the concrete and the patched cracks would be quite a challenge.
  • Similarly, creating a realistic road surface would be quite important as it will draw viewers eyes into the scene and under the bridge. There are techniques for disguising the spot where roads meet back scenes at right-angles.
  • I’d opt for a good photo back scene.
  • Finally the view under the bridge might benefit from a bit of forced perspective.

If you want to do a bit more exploring then it’s worth taking a look at the OpenStreetMap and Google StreetView imagery for this location:

On closer inspection it turns out the site is not quite as compact as I first thought:

The bridge in the picture at the top of this post is actually two bridges, each carrying one track with a very wide path alongside each track. Websites about Line 24 suggest that there may have been plans to add more tracks to this route or perhaps the permanent way is so wide here because this is the site of the former Remersdaal station. You can see the gap between the bridges and some quirky graffiti if you use the Google StreetView window above to move along the road and under the bridges.

I’ve been struggling to decide upon a location to use as the basis of my first T-Trak module that isn’t too plain or too complicated but I think this might finally be it…

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