Interesting Idea For A Module #8 (Basel Trams)

Trams In Basel, Switzerland

I’m always on the lookout for prototype photographs that capture railway activity from a slightly different perspective, particularly if it might work well as a viewpoint in a slightly unconventional module or cameo.

While browsing the website I came across the photographs of Gisela, Matthias and Jonas Frey.

View From The Courtyard Of The Basel Art Museum by Matthias Frey – Own work,
Used With Permission, View Image

They have an interest in both architecture and railways and as a result they have taken some really interesting and inspirational photographs…

I particularly like this photograph of a tram taken from the courtyard of the Basel Art Museum. I think it would work particularly well as a T-Trak module or cameo. Forcing the viewer to look through the arches to spot a tram would create an unconventional but familiar perspective that I think would add to the realism of the scene.

Here’s a satellite view of the site:

If you click this link you can explore the courtyard and street outside the museum using panoramic photographs and Google StreetView imagery.

The Basel Art Museum is a relatively plain but attractive building that would be fairly straight-forward to build in model form although creating an accurate representation of the different coloured stones that make-up the facade might be a bit of a challenge.

The site is compact enough to comfortably fit on a single T-Trak module. A single T-Trak module is deep enough to allow you to model part of the courtyard at the front, the road and tram track/stop behind and even low-relief versions of the buildings on St-Alban Graben as a backscene.

The plan below isn’t to scale and I’ve omitted the wings of the building that would run down either side of the courtyard in the foreground for clarity but it gives a good impression of how everything would fit on the module.

Tables and chairs are put out in the courtyard in the summer (to the left of the arch) and it would be quite fun to recreate these using these modern tables and chairs by Faller or these ornate etched tables and chairs by Ngineering.

The potted trees and sculptures visible in some photographs of the courtyard might be a bit more difficult but not impossible to scratch build.

All in all it’d be a fun little project.

Thanks to Matthias Frey for permission to use his photographs on my website.

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