Interesting Ideas For A Module #3

Appleton Swing Bridge, Wisconsin, USA

Here is an interesting photograph of a swing bridge over the Fox River in Appleton, WI.

Appleton, WI Swing Bridge by Unknown, CC0, View Image

It looks a bit rusted but those modern relay cabinets on the bridge deck made me think it might still be in use. A quick search revealed that it is an active bridge on a short Canadian National line. It’s not a mainline, so trains using the bridge will be shorter locals that are serving industries further east…

According to a website called Bridge Hunter it’s what’s known as a Warren through truss bridge and interestingly it’s only about 330ft (100m) long. Scaled down to N scale, the bridge would only be about 2ft (60cm) long, perfect as a centre-piece on a river crossing module.

View Larger Map

For some reason I’ve always liked the CN livery and Appleton, WI looks like it has some interesting rail served industries (scroll the map above easteards) so it might be somewhere I’ll take a closer look at in the future.

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