New 3D Printed ISO Tanktainer Models

After the success of my first 3D printed tanktainer I decided to go ahead and incorporate the lessons learned into a new version of that first model and also produce a few new designs.

8 x 8 ISO Tanktainer Type One

So here is the updated version of the original 8 x 8 ISO tanktainer:

Changes made include:

  • Revised the model to print as a single object, minimising the space the model will take-up in the printer. The tank is now attached to the right-end frame. Sprues are now necessary to hold the two parts of the model together.
  • Revised the design of the tabs to make them less fragile and easier to use.
  • Added mounting brackets to the frame to allow photo-etched walkways to be added after painting.

8 x 8 ISO Tanktainer Type Two

Next, I really wanted to test Shapeways ability to reproduce fine frame details so I chose to produce this tanktainer as my next project.

Here is the CAD model:

This model is designed in a different way to the first model. It’s difficult to see in the image above but the tank is actually separate from the main-frame. To assemble the model you’d add the tank end pieces to each end of the tank and then slide the complete tank up into the frame from below. There are tabs that slip into the lower cross-beams on the end frame that cab be used to glue the model together.

The walkway supports are right at the limits of what you can do with high-resolution 3D printing so it’ll be interesting in seeing how this comes out and whether they will obstruct painting of the tank.

8 x 8 ISO Tanktainer Type Three (Bromine Tank)

For my third ISO tanktainer model I decided upon something a little more unusual. I’d been looking through the images of containers on Matt’s Place and came across a bromine transportation tank.

You’ll notice the tank is much smaller than the other models so I’ve been able to put the tanks end within the frame to minimise the footprint of the model (initially I had them outside the frame but realised this would add to the print cost). The model also includes mounting brackets for a photo-etched deck and ladders on the inside of the frame.

All of these models are currently at Shapeways being printed but as soon as I have them I’ll let you know how they came out.

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