Annacis Island: Update On The SRY Locomotive Roster

Just a quick update on the SRY locomotive roster today.

SRY 902 New Westminster BC 2006_1031 by Stephen Rees – Own work,
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, View Image

I recently emailed Chris City, the photographer behind this great photostream  on Flickr, and he gave me some updates on the SRY locomotive roster. It turns out the SRY sold-off it’s GMD GMD-1’s  a few years ago but that they now roster EMD MP-15DC’s.

The SRY have also just purchased an EMD SD35 from Montana Rail Link which is currently on the way from Montana.

So the SRY roster is made-up of EMD GP-9, MP-15DC, SW900, SD35, SD38-2 and SD38AC locomotives.

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