Useful Website: RailTrash

A while back I did a couple of posts about the Dordrecht Island in the Netherlands. The western side of the island has a rail served industrial area that I thought might make a good basis for some industrial modules or even a larger European themed industrial switching layout.

The Silo Dordrecht building caught my eye and it was while I was searching for images of that structure that I stumbled across a website called RailTrash

RailTrash is the creation of Victor M. Lansink and in his own words, it’s all about: “…the wonderful world of dilapidated railway lines, dark tunnels, empty buildings and many other forms of (sub-) urban curiosities.”

There are about 200 photo shoots of abandoned rail-served industrial areas, primarily in the Netherlands but also Germany, Belgium, France and Spain.

It’s a shame that so many areas have been abandoned and fallen into decay but there’s no reason we can’t bring them back to life with a little modellers license.

The site is primarily written in Dutch but if you can find your way through to them the pictures mostly speak for themselves. To get to the photo galleries from the front page click on the link marked reports (205).

I think the default gallery arrangement is by date but you can also view the galleries by Netherlands province (click the link marked overzicht per provincie) or by county (click the link marked overzicht per land).

If you can’t read Dutch and would like to see what the links and captions say then I’d recommend using the auto-translate feature in the Google Chrome or Chromium browser as it does a pretty good job of converting the text to English.

There’s one final thing to note and that’s the link page. If you like exploring European railways (not necessarily just abandoned ones) then it’s definitely worth taking a look at some of the websites listed on the links page.

Happy exploring 🙂

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