Inspiration (Kato HB-E300 “Resort Shirakami”)

Do you know that moment when you see a new model and it just makes you want to create a whole new layout just so you can run it in the right place, even if it’s not something you’d normally think about modelling?

Well I’ve had one of those moments and the cause is the Kato HB-E300 “Resort Shirakami”:

I love the paint scheme on this train. Simple as that!

Plus it turns out this train runs on a beautiful coastal secondary-line in the north of Japan called the Gonō Line. It’s still quite rural in that part of Japan so the line passes through lots of small farming/ex-fishing towns with equally small stations, each with there own unique and interesting station building… …some are even right on the edge of the beach.

So not only do I want to model the Gonō Line, taking a ride on the actual line is going on the bucket list too.

Finally here’s a picture of the train in it’s native habitat:

Resort Shirakami DMU at Kasose on the Gonō Line- by MaedaAkihiko – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, View Image