This might seem like a bit of a strange topic for a model train blog but it’s something that I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about on various model making forums over the years and it’s something I’ve struggled with in my own endeavours both inside and outside the hobby.

Now if you’ve never had a problem with procrastination you might be mystified by this because hobbies are meant to be fun and relaxing; the things we want to do or that help us unwind after spending time doing other things we don’t like doing so much. Afterwards you look at what you’ve created, bask in the results and are spurred on to do more.

Unfortunately, if you’re a procrastinator, while your head is probably full of lots of goals and ideas for some reason you can’t get motivated to take the first step and then if you do, you find you get easily side-tracked and never seem to finish anything. Invariably get angry at yourself for this lack of progress and then very soon you find your hobby isn’t the wonderful retreat that everyone imagines it should be. Even more unfortunate is when procrastination occurs in other parts of your life too…

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