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I thought I better get on and make my first post and explain what I hope to achieve on these pages.

I’ve actually been thinking about building a model railway for many years. During this time I developed an interest in prototypes in both North America and Europe, amassed a sizeable collection of models from both locations and so could never settle on a particular country or location to model. Then I found out about modular layouts and that seemed to be the answer I was looking for as I wouldn’t be forced to commit to a particular country or location in the limited space I had available.

After much debate about which of the different modular standards and module construction techniques would be best suited to what I had in mind, I bit the bullet and purchased some plywood and starting building. So I’ll definitely document the design and construction process here in the hopes that’ll be useful for others.

I’ve also amassed quite a collection of potential locations and structures that I think it might be possible build or incorporate into a module or cameo so I’ll be sharing those too.

Lastly, I’d really like to have a go at scratchbuilding and experiment with 3D printing to build some interesting and unique rolling stock.

There we go, first blog post complete and if that sounds interesting hopefully you’ll stop by again and see how I’m progressing with both the site and the modules.


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